A Worker’s New Best Friend: Ergonomic Rivet Tools For Long-Term Safety

Dec 11, 2023

Working in any kind of manufacturing environment presents a degree of physical challenge. Even in this day and age of power tools and machine operated production, fatigue can easily set in and tools designed with function more in mind than comfort can cause potential long-term damage. That’s why in recent years there has been a much greater emphasis placed on ergonomic design, putting the well-being and comfort of the operator at the forefront. Not only is this essential for ensuring the health and safety of everyone on site but it also has advantages in terms of productivity and efficiency. After all, happy and comfortable staff make for a far more productive workforce.

All of this explains why RivRite has worked so hard to create riveting tools that aim to guarantee the long-term safety of operators. But just what is it about RivRite tools that makes them so special? Let’s take a closer look.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomically designed tools give operators better control over the fastening process, reducing the likelihood of mistakes that could lead to faults or safety issues. Therefore, every aspect of their tools has been meticulously crafted with this principle in mind. From the ergonomic grips to the seamless handling and precisely calculated weighting, every detail is aimed at ensuring utmost comfort for operators while using them.

Cordless Operation

The cordless feature of RivRite tools, like the R6 and the R12, liberates workers from the tethers of power outlets, promoting a safer and more flexible work environment. The R12, in particular, comes with an 18V/2.0ah battery, making it ready for extended use and ensuring less downtime in busy work settings. Moreover, the capability of cordless operation eliminates the risk of tripping by removing the need for pneumatic airlines. This enhances safety and convenience while maintaining the same level of functionality.

Versatile Functionality

The R6 is uniquely designed to handle a wide range of rivet sizes, from 3.2mm to 6.4mm, directly out of the box. This feature sets it apart from many other tools, which often require separate tools for different size ranges, particularly between 4.8mm and 6.4mm. The tool can also set structural fasteners at 6.4mm, with the addition of a different nose tip. This added functionality is available at a minimal cost, enhancing the tool’s versatility and boosting ROI.

In addition, the R12 expands on this versatility with its capacity to work with rivet nut sizes ranging from M3 to M12. Its powerful tensile force of 28,000N ensures secure and reliable fastening for a variety of applications, enhancing the tool’s utility in diverse manufacturing environments.

Reduced Physical Stress

By reducing the physical toll on workers, these tools help maintain high productivity levels throughout the workday. A comfortable worker is a focused and more efficient worker, which leads to better output and higher quality products. RivRite ergonomic tools for manufacturing that have been meticulously crafted to alleviate operator fatigue, resulting in minimised downtime and amplified efficiency throughout the manufacturing process.

Benefits Of Great Design

Investing in ergonomic tools like the RivRite R6 and R12 can result in significant long-term savings for manufacturers by reducing the risk of RSIs and other work-related health issues. This not only reduces downtime from illness and injury but also prioritises staff well-being and comfort, showing that you value them and helping to create a positive work environment. Well-designed tools can also help to speed up the production process, allowing operators to become vastly more effective in their work.

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