Power, Precision, Portability: The RivRite R12 Battery Powered Rivet Nut Tool

Feb 5, 2024

If you work with rivets in the manufacturing process, then you probably already know what you need from a rivet nut tool. It should be accurate and precise, consistent and reliable, and safe and secure. These characteristics allow you to create efficient manufacturing processes that let you produce high-quality products that keep customers coming back for more.

Luckily, modern riveting options such as the RivRite R12 battery-powered rivet nut tool have come a long way from the old days of manual riveting. This exceptionally well-designed tool provides all of the above benefits thanks to the following features.


It can handle a wide range of rivet nut sizes from M3 to M12, with a riveting stroke of 10mm, suitable for various applications. That means you can use the R12 for a huge range of manufacturing processes, increasing the scope of production and reducing the need for additional riveting tools.

Advanced Motor

Equipped with a 20V brushless DC motor, enhancing efficiency and longevity, the R12 also gives you power when you need it while reducing downtime. It’s a far cry from manual riveting and also means operatives are able to work faster, safer and with far less stress and strain on the body.

Adjustable Design

Features include a quick adjustable nose housing, allowing for easy adjustments to suit different tasks. That means you don’t have to waste time setting up the tool, just adjust rapidly when required and manufacturing can continue.

Precision Control

The need for precision when riveting is integral to creating accurate, high quality finished products. You need to be able to rely on your rivet nut gun tool to place rivets with precision and control, every time you use it. The R12 comes with a digital adjustment stroke for precise control over the riveting process​, giving you exactly the level of accuracy you need.

Enhanced Visibility

Integrated with LED lighting helps to improve visibility in various working conditions​. Whether that’s working with restricted access or with limited light, you can always see what you’re doing.

Safety And Durability

Safety is the primary concern during any manufacturing process. Ensuring staff are safe and secure at all times when working is essential, and often relies on providing them with the right equipment for the job at hand. The R12 is compliant with EU CE & UKCA safety regulations, designed with fire prevention, explosion-proof, and environmental protection features. It also includes a non-contact induction switch for durability. That means your staff are well looked after and there is a reduced risk of injury or accident.

Ready to elevate your riveting experience with unmatched power, precision, and portability? Discover the RivRite R12 Battery Rivet Nut Tool, the ultimate solution for your fastening needs. Get in touch today!