Precision & Power: The Capabilities Of RivRite’s Auto-Feed Rivet Tools

Jan 22, 2024

Using an automated rivet gun is the ideal choice if you are operating a high-volume production line. The speed and ease of use offered by an automated setup allows you to control two of the most critical elements of any production line: cost and efficiency.

RivRites auto-feed rivet tools are specifically designed to efficiently install a larger number of rivets within a given timeframe, though they offer numerous additional advantages as well. For example, they can reduce the effects of operator fatigue, drastically reduce lead times and can be deployed across a wide range of applications. RivRites tools provide another dimension of precision and power, allowing manufacturers to finesse their production processes like never before. Here’s how they do it…


A RivRite auto-feed tool allows you to automate the transport and insertion of rivets into the rivet gun nozzle, eliminating manual feeding. This reduces both manufacturing time and operator fatigue for a smoother production line.


RivRite tools boast essential features such as the mechanical motion unit, control unit, and detection unit. These standard components guarantee impeccable precision in riveting tasks, resulting in superior quality finished products that keep customers coming back for more.


With features like a cutting-edge rivet inserting mechanism and an advanced signal input and output processor, tasks are streamlined and productivity is enhanced. This empowers you with greater control over the production process and contributes to cost reduction.


Every business wants to be able to do more with less. It’s the easiest and most efficient way to boost profits. The RivRite AF series boasts varying capacities to suit diverse needs. For example, the Rivrite AF1 has a loading capacity of 2400 pieces, AF2 holds 1500, and AF3 accommodates 1000 pieces, ensuring optimal workflow for different applications. This means you work smarter, not harder.


RivRite’s premium tools showcase remarkable proficiency in setting specialised fasteners such as Rivet Nuts, which provide secure and reliable fastening solutions. Moreover, these tools excel in handling structural fasteners like Monobolt, offering unparalleled precision for precision-heavy tasks across a wide range of industrial applications.


With an impressive nail speed of just one second per rivet, this tool facilitates rapid operation, significantly accelerating project completion. By leveraging its exceptional efficiency, you can accomplish more tasks in a shorter span of time, resulting in boosted productivity and timely project delivery.


The system’s specifications, such as working pressure and power rating, are designed to optimise energy use while providing a reliable finish. This is particularly important, especially in these times of soaring energy prices and overheads, when you simply can’t afford any excess energy use or unplanned downtime. An auto-feed rivet gun from RivRite, such as the AFM 6.4mm structural rivet tool, can help to revolutionise the way you work. It can help you to work faster, more efficiently and more safely, with the results being evident on the bottom line.

RivRite Tools Are Redefining Riveting

RivRite tools redefine efficiency by significantly boosting manufacturing output and smartly managing resources. With speeds of up to 60 rivets per minute, they dramatically increase production, essential in a competitive market. Simultaneously, these tools enable maintaining or increasing production levels with fewer operators, leading to substantial savings in labour costs. This dual approach not only enhances productivity but also optimises workforce utilisation, making RivRite tools a pivotal investment for a more efficient, profitable manufacturing process. Experience the next level of efficiency and precision with RivRite’s cutting-edge auto-feed tools. Get in touch with one of our team today!