OUR PURPOSE IS To give people
confidence that they can

simply get the job done.

We prove ourselves with affordable offerings that fill as many people as possible with confidence that they can simply get their job done. This means they will rely on us to ensure they are never left without a quality tool.

Our product range encompasses both battery and pneumatic hand tools, as well as automation products designed to supercharge your production processes, potentially boosting efficiency by up to 50%. RivRite embodies a tooling range that caters to professionals seeking utilitarian tools that “simply get the job done”.

Our RivRite tooling is all about simplicity and reliability, delivering straightforward applications that can be utilised right out of the box. No need for unnecessary add-ons or complex attachments that complicate the buying process. Unlike the competition, RivRite stands apart by consolidating a comprehensive range of technical capabilities into our models. Our tools can provide the power and precision of multiple alternative tools, all within a single unit.


We make things simpler

We are reliable to anyone

We win when others win

We discover new ways to help

Automated Game Changers

RivRite’s suite of automated products is a game-changer, poised to transform your production processes. In a time when businesses are relentlessly pursuing efficiency savings, whether to ramp up production speed or achieve cost-effectiveness, our products turn these aspirations into reality, and then some. RivRite offers autofeeder units for Rivet, Rivet Nut, and Monobolt fasteners, which have proven to be investments that “pay for themselves.” This could be through reducing labor costs to maintain the same output or increasing production capacity.

Full System Sell

To complete the full tooling solution, RivRite offers a spares and repairs program that ensures a “full system sell.” We eliminate your tooling pinch points and deliver a top-tier offering that becomes your go-to application on your production line. RivRite is not just a tool provider; we are a partner in your quest for efficient and cost-effective production processes.